Why to see Siena Root live, by Metalpaths Webzine

SIENA ROOT, is one of the bands, that you can use as a prank on unsuspecting victims, with seemingly innocent questions like “Hey, when do you think this was recorded?” usually getting the desired answer “I don’t know, between 73’-75?”, which also usually leads faces of shock and subsequent laughter when you reveal to your friend this is a 00’s band.

SIENA ROOT, have been doing this vintage rock thing since way before it became a trend (not that I’m complaining, hooray for vintage rock), starting their discography with 2004’s masterpiece “A New Day Dawning”. Wizards of equipment usage, they have perfected their sound from early on and have enlightened dozens of bands, on how to sound properly vintage, utilizing today’s perception of music and abundance of influences. Each record, is different from their previous ones, yet they never fail to deliver top quality material.

Anything one might enjoy in classic and folk rock can be found in SIENA ROOT ‘smusic. Saucy and genius riffs? Check. Male/Female vocals? Double check. Ethnic and folk organs like sitar, flute, mandolin, hurdy gurdy? Check all of it. Killer keyboards/organ in the vein of Jon Lord and Ken Hensley? Plenty of that for sure. Blues dynamites alongside stretched out folk prog elegies? Yes sir, shop’s open, we’ve got all of that, pick anything you like.

To keep a long story short SIENA ROOT is a beautiful musical experience. They usually honor their latest works, so I gather we might get to hear stuff from their 2014, aptly named, album “Pioneers”. Just give a chance to this beauty; a verse from the golden ages of rock, essential solos, sweet keyboards and to be honest, the part from 2:56 up to the 4th minute mark, is a legitimate answer to the question “Why do you love rock ‘n’ roll?”.

Photo by Mestellés

Photo by Mestellés