Thanks for the tour!

Photo by Dominik Mimik

Photo by Dominik Mimik

A rough tour has come to an end!
Special thanks to our tour manager Dominik, bus driver and mechanic Daniel, Co drivers Andreas and Magnus, our heroes from Jena that saved our asses Marc, Antje and Jörn and then Lisa for her fantastic job as a singer in Siena Root this tour. Also thanks to all the fans and promoters! See you next time!

European spring tour

05.04.2018 - DE Bonn, Harmonie
06.04.2018 - DE Isernhagen, Blues Garage
07.04.2018 - DE Erfurt, Museumskeller
08.04.2018 - DE Reichenberg, Artrock Festival
09.04.2018 - DE Miltenberg, Beavers
10.04.2018 - CZ Jablonec, Na Rampe
11.04.2018 - CZ Olomouc, Bounty
12.04.2018 - PL Chorzow, Leśniczówka
13.04.2018 - PL Gdynia, Gdynia Blues Club

Photo by Johan Sund

Photo by Johan Sund

Video release!

It's time to release yet another video from our latest album!

We are proud to present this creation by Sascha Steinbach and Maria Puentes Campos for the video collective Capture Intuition. The video depict a struggle between brain and feel, and a battle between an alter ego. It is a story of how our music preferences are developed, influenced and maintained. The song is about finding comfort in ourselves, yet with an open door to new impressions. To live without doubt, to be certain about how to live your life can be desirable, yet self deceptive and excluding. “Life is easy with your eyes closed”. After all, no one knows for sure where the sun goes down.

Full video will be available on Youtube. Check out other music documentaries at “Contemporary Counterculture Artifacts”.

12 yr anniversary of the Kaleidoscope album

It's now 12 years since we released our second album Kaleidoscope, and we wanted to give you guys something special. Rare documentary footage from the original recording session is made public for the first time ever. It's a brief glimpse into studio Ovett, outside of Stockholm. Sound track is "There and back again", originally released spring 2006.
If you haven't got the record, please have a listen to the album in the links below!